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Technical Items:



The paint job on YB is a beautiful polyurethane Primrose Yellow. Extremely smooth finish. The metal work has (had) ZERO rust, and ZERO body filler.

ybfrnt3.jpg (20981 bytes)
ybfrnt1.jpg (26544 bytes) The front spoiler on YB is interesting. It completely replaces the stock valence panel. Straight down with a small lip at the bottom and around the opening, no flare forward. I've never been able to find a similar unit to identify its origin. This vehicle supposedly spent some of it's life in Florida on the track. Maybe that explains it. The chrome work is clean but not perfect.
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The Interior

The after market steering wheel is a 15" Moto-Lita, thin wood rim, drilled three spoke pattern hub. The shift knob is your typical aftermarket walnut MG insignia type.

ybint1.jpg (34837 bytes)
ybint2.jpg (39010 bytes) The interior is extremely clean and relatively new. Autumn Leaf is the official MG color name. Except for the door trim molding/seals, everything is in superb shape. The dash is original and un-cracked. The seat belts are kind of a mismatch though.
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The engine

  The engine and drive train are in fine shape. The rework previously performed was extensive. The aluminum valve cover does a great job of quieting the valve train noise. The Weber DGV down draft carb was added by the PO.

ybmtr3.jpg (26624 bytes)
ybmtr1.jpg (33840 bytes) You can see the PO removed all the emission systems, including the air pump, gulp valve and evaporative canister and piping. This really cleaned out the engine bay. Not a spot of oil anywhere! (outside the motor that is)

The paint in here was brushed on but it looks better than most engines I see. The electrical is very clean in here as well.

YB idles a little rough, but that's the price you pay for mid and top end power with this Weber setup.

The O/D transmission was one of the major purchase criteria's if I were to by an MGB all. This one is superlative. Extremely smooth shifting, and solid O/D.

ybmtr2.jpg (22884 bytes)

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The body work

      YB was originally built January 1973.  The typical restoration items performed over the last few years were done well. YB was a  'good weather only daily driver'. The restoration used the typical after market fenders, (no side running or backup light cutouts, hence none were installed either!) The paint job and metal work where both impeccable. Lots of little things wrong like bulkhead seals, weather stripping, ripped bolt holes, re-drills, missing/altered engine compartment trivia, that kind of thing. Drive train seemed really tight, including the overdrive. The Interior is in GREAT shape, in kinda' hard to find complete Autumn Leaf cloth and vinyl.

    I bought YB after a test drive up in the country. The owner agreed to get YB inspected in MD. I'll admit.. I paid near top dollar...., but I believe YB was worth it. She's solid, and has a great drive train. After a year and a half of hunting, I was finally picking up my car. I picked up the car, the inspection certificate, and the title on a Monday evening. On the way home, half way home...., only fifty-four miles into YB's maiden voyage home to my house..., a very non-descript, poorly lit, tractor trailer with no turn signal decided to change lanes on me. My round trip ride driver had to hit the brakes of their Grand Cherokee to keep from being clipped in the front end by the tail of the trailer.

ybacc1.jpg (11418 bytes) The TT bumper first contacted me via the drivers side rear fender, pushing the rear end of my car sideways. This spun me directly in front of him as he continued to change lanes. Before I knew it I was sideways in the middle lanes starring at vertical grill stripes coming straight at my drivers side window. 

     I quickly turned and slammed my upper torso into the passenger seat and bear hugged the seat frame, fully expecting the truck to roll right over me. I could only hope the car didn't crush down below the door tops.

The second contact BROAD SIDE on the drivers side, witnesses say I was probably still doing 50+, sideways. This contact spun me further counter-clockwise, lifting the car off it's suspension, ripping the axle jack straps. I was now half in the fast lane, half in the middle lane, pointing almost backwards. White tire smoke billows everywhere. ybacc2.jpg (15597 bytes)

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With his THIRD CONTACT, he clipped me with his drivers side front fender, at my drivers side mirror (the A post), thus  completing my spin. This final  truck contact sent me across the two fast lanes backward, and into the fast lane Jersey Wall while still sliding sideways at 40+ MPH.

      This was a very fast 12 seconds of my life. Very Fast!. When I finally considered the idea of seeing where I was, I already knew the ass end of the car was gone from hitting the Jersey Wall. It ripped my driver's seat front mount bolts out of the floor. When I finally dared to sit up to see where I was, that little bump at the bottom of the Jersey Wall was doing its job. The car was now drifting down a gentle incline, edging up against the wall, where the bump promptly steered the tire away from the wall, no driver's side body work was touched by the wall. Only the rear end. Amazingly, I survived. and so did the car!

      I was emotionally devastated, but unhurt. The worst part, the TT driver never even stopped. He just kept on going down the road. %#@!*^#@%**!!!.

       Anyway, the insurance paid me fairly for what I paid. They totaled it due to the $ cost of fixing this Uni.-tube 25  year old technology. I bought back the wreck. (Cheap, very CHEAP!)


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