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Office Automation Software

We can custom design software systems to fit your dedicated tasks. Formal software packages leave holes in the productivity arena concerning small office interoperability. We can custom tailor packages you want to use, by filling in those holes with customized software, specifically formatted to your operations.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] No re-training of employees to use new software suites.
[Bullet] Minimal downtime of present user systems.
[Bullet] No major reinvestment in SOHO packages or systems.


[Bullet] 17+ years experience developing DOS programs.
[Bullet] 12+ years experience developing Windows(C) programs.
[Bullet] 3 years C.A.S.E. architecture development (1988-1991).
[Bullet] VB, VC++, SDK, and NT beta site experience
[Bullet] Graphics imaging and computer vision systems development (software and hardware)
[Bullet] Microsoft Level II certified WWW author (ActiveX)
[Bullet] Java, and Javascript experience
[Bullet] 4 custom applications now supported by U.S. patents


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