...update  11/26/04.... 
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Ain't she perrrrrdy!  Dirty is more like it!

    This is the newest beasty in the stable.  It's been sitting still for well over a year now with blown out donuts on the rear axles. The uprights and outer rear axles are no where around. The p.o. 'says' he'll pull them out (from who knows where) and ship them to me. In 40 degree weather today (11/26/04), I temporarily installed a set of swing axles, so I could at least mount the wheels and roll it out of the barn/field and onto a trailer to bring it home.

    Here are just a couple of pics to give you an idea of the next 'save job'.  I'll probably get this one running, document it a bit more, fix the brakes and drive line etc, and offer it up for sale cheap, just like the last 76 Spit, as project for someone else to enjoy restoring.  I just couldn't bare to see this one sit around and rot. It's 99% rust free. What rust is there is minor surface stuff in tiny places. Another couple of months where it as sitting could have been disastrous.

   Those flares are a bit funky, but after you really look at them, they are done quite well and are super strong!  Those 7" wide western wheels help fill out the flares nicely!

    More info will be posted in a few days as I dig into this one.


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