Spit6 / CGT6 Project

  Should I use the Roto-flex or
      the swing axle rear suspension?

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    You'll find the largest diversification of opinions right here. This subject, I believe over the last 30 years, has flipped-flopped, as to which is the better arrangement.

    Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, as well as ways to get around the not-so-good points of each configuration. These rear drive axle changes spanned model year style changes. The original GT6 MKI started out with swing axles. The GT6 MKII and early GT6 MKIII had the rotoflex rear axles with lower a-arms. In mid to Late 1973, many GT6 MKIII's left the factory with the swing swing axle configuration.

Roto-flex rear drive




swing axle rear drive  




Pros and cons of the swing axle
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Pros and cons of the roto-flex axle
     photos to come...