Spit6 / CGT6 Project

   What's the difference
      between a Spit6 and a CGT6   ???

    Well...   actually there is a big difference!  A few pathes that would produce one or the other of these vehicles, can be quite challenging, while others, a simple bolt up. Variations in bodywork styles over the years, lend slight mounting variations and frame mount requirements that dieered of the various model styles (IE MKI. II, III 1500, for the Spitfire and MKI, II, and III for the GT6.

First off..... two 'overly simplified' definitions.


Is the result of placing a Triumph (and others*)
6 cylinder engine and driveline into a Spitfire chassis. This has varying degrees of 'completeness'.


Is the result of placing a Spitfire tub on a GT6 chassis while retaining the features of the driveline and running gear of the GT6.


    There are a lot of sub-catagories that also must be defined. Those involving the variations that can be generated by mixing body work across model years styles, rear suspension drive types, and bonnet styles.