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   Thirteen - 1967 Spitfire MKIII Specific Tasks and Procedures

  Interior    The floors     Interior Panels   Dashtop       Dash  Veneer    New Seat Covers
  Exterior     Body and paint work    The Bonnet     Ragtop Installation    Wire Wheel trunk mount  
 Engine   Carb rebuild   Battery shelf               
  Suspension    Front Suspension Rebuild     Stud anomalies   Rear Axles      



     Again, we've been here before on my other cars. So this is more or less a photo history of the work. A few comments here and there, but for the most part, the pictures tell the story.  AS this is my first 'roundtail' I'm sure I'll find things I've not seen before on the squaretails.

   The bottom of the battery box was rusted through in the front corners. I simply laid in two layers of fiberglass cloth, making sure the drain hole was/is at the lowest point and clear. I've done this on good battery boxes in the past, simply so I wouldn't have to worry about acid  or water rotting them out at some future date.   

   After the initial mechanical strip down, the whole area was wire wheeled, then lightly sanded. Then like everything else, the surface got a coat of Permatex Extend to get any rust the sanding and wire wheel missed. The harness was pulled aside, and wrapped in plastic and tape to cover it from paint overspray. 
   Hmm.. that's interesting...the tach and speedo cables go right through the airbox. 

  With the surrounding areas masked off, the shelf got a coat (or three) of primer and sanded between coats to smooth everything out. 


Three coats of body paint, and it looks like new!  It's almost a shame I have to bolt anything back on here it's so clean now.

   All the components were cleaned up and most got a coat of clear engine paint, (500° stuff) simply to keep them shiny and clean. I'm replacing the original coil with a Lucas Sports coil (gold color in the picture) The heater valve and wiper motor were completely stripped down and rebuilt.
   With everything back in place, I'm starting to feel a bit better about this resto. To make sure I don't end up with an electrical short, I ran the choke cable through the middle of a piece of 1/4" fuel hose. The heater water valve control cable was also encased in a piece of blue vacuum line (it's what I had laying around)  Both of these cables are close to electrical contacts and I wanted to make sure they didn't touch or rub anything.


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