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The Rarer MG Midget

" All the fancy stuff is gone.
This site is designed for speed!
No more flash..., no more dung,
Just quick access, for all your needs. "

My own directory of 100's and 100's of links to
parts suppliers, after market performance products,
other MG web sites, tech archives and
articles, clubs, and anything MG related

I'll warn you now! This section of the site is very graphics intense. Some of these pages have 10-20 detailed photos. Most are 400 x something in size 60% compressed jpegs, showing resurrection of each area of the car.

lilgreenee header.gif (3255 bytes) My own RWA Midget


Go here for recent (4/2003) photos

And from here you can take a look at


1970 Midget  Lil' Whitey My donor SWA Midget


Midget model specifications

My research in trying to find the proper
Weber DCOE jets for a Triumph 1500 series
and other MG  A and B series engines.
Also a procedure for tweaking Dual DCOE's
and of course...photos and jetting info
of enthusiast using DCOE's 

MG Midget MKIII RWA series photo
Color Code Chart
colors identified
within the MG Colors page

Cam specs

Serial numbers

Buried on one of my other sites a is the beginnings
of a collection of the list logos  from the autox.team.net e-mail
listserv which is a great place to get info
on your cars. Join us.


Welcome to the home of my Round Wheel Arch Midget Site.

    Well this is it folks, the beginning of a new adventure.
The '73 Round Wheel Arch MG Midget below is the latest toy in the stable. This site will soon have the same variety of information and links as the MG BGT and Spitfire sections
of this site.

You'll have to bare with me as I develop this site to the level of the other sections. So for now you can take a look at what's going to generate all the interest.


Well here is the start of my MG Midget pages.
You can see what it looks like before I've even gotten it home.

It's pretty dirty. It hasn't been washed in two years, maybe twice since it was painted over the summer of 1997. It's Jade metallic green. ZERO body rust under the paint. The interior installation hasn't even been finished yet. One seat still needs the covers put on before installation. I know for sure the clutch slave cyl. is shot. The engine runs great. Solid strong compression in all four cylinders. Not a spot of oil anywhere. (except where it's suppose to be.)



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