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My little piece of MG History by Paul Tegler
(rare 'foursomes', 'fivesomes'...all the toys, all home at the same time)



"...is it smart to put so much information about your car on the web? Isn't that like an invitation to a theft?...."


flying mg logo
ANSWER: I say yes it is smart!
and no.. it's a deterrent.
Documentation of ownership is open to the world. Globally the vehicle is recognized more readily as to whom it truly belongs to. Locally, a good alarm and tracking system help.

With a detailed description of our pride and joy  PRE-POSTED, we are protecting our vehicles by letting the whole world see who owns what. Everyone in the world can see who truly owns what. In the event of theft, it's easier to identify and validate legal ownership. I speak from experience.

       Here's a fun, free, and great way to register what MGs are still on the road and show who's keeping it there. Come on and help fill out the IMGR (International MG Register) list of surviving beasts.
      Another GREAT way to solve your MG motoring problems
is to join the TEAM.NET Listserv mailing list. In the body of an e-mail to majordomo@autox.team.net ,  simply send the following message:      subscribe mgs
You'll receive an e-mail back explaining the process.


A word of caution folks, some these pages have quite a few images on them. All images are reduced to 320x240 and are full 24M color 90% compresses JPEGs (I think I went to far)  for the best compromise between image quality and loading/display speed. The intent here was ....I wouldn't have loaded this many images if I didn't think someone could benefit from spotting something in a photo.


      Growing up in the sixties and seventies, I owned and restored my share of LBC's (among many others). A few before I even had a driver's license. These little jewels were my passion, my pleasure, and my pocket money. Real jobs covered living expenses, these babies paid for the partying, dates ( babe' magnets... I digress... ohh  yeah.. 'nother story ..'nother time..). In the last twenty five years, I've driven more than a half dozen sprites, midgets, and triumphs.

      Married life, and other interests, left my hands ( and driveway ) nearly greaseless for over twelve years. It was purely by chance that I....   re-discovered just how much I love and missed these little cars. A chance encounter with a 1969 MGC shocked me back to my senses. Like an alcoholic who fell off the wagon, I needed an LBC fix fast!

        It took me another year and a half to finally settle on something I liked  or thought would fit my... criteria. I found YB, a fairly clean 1973 MGB-GT. Then for reasons you'll see, OB a month later at the 1998 Allen's Pond Park MGA sponsored show.

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ybfrnt3.jpg (20981 bytes)
SOLD!    5/8/99


was first...



obpass1.jpg (23938 bytes)
photo of OB taken at  MG'98  Fort Frederick, MD  

and a month
later came




Lil' Greenee' - 1973 RWA MG Midget
photo of Lil' Greenee (green e') taken  5/00
And most

Lil' Greenee


      Hence the birth of these pages and my running saga of OB's face lift and the future saga of the Phoenix of YB from the ashes.

My 1973 MGB-GT twins. YB and OB.

is a Primrose Yellow GT built 1/73,
my first and wrecked one.

is the Orange (Blaze Red) GT built 8/72.

Lil' Greenee' is the Metallic Jade
Green 1973 RWA MG Midget

Lil' Whitey is the newest addition (parts donor?)
a white 1970 SWA MG Midget

      Since that first day home, OB has been through the grinder. Everything you can imagine has been overhauled. OB's original adoption was for the sole purpose of organ donation to YB. Instead, both will live, by trading parts, until all have been rehabilitated.

      The path of least resistance chosen here... is the least expensive... for all the obvious reasons. YB's re-hab will come later. Both are legally titled in Maryland, USA, insured, tagged and driveable on the road. YB's butt just hurts real bad!  YB will be kept roadable as much as possible by putting all of OB's parts back on her, as the best of both cars will first be used to upgrade OB.

      If a task needs performing, and new parts are in order, OB will get the set, with YB getting the best of the hand me downs. Otherwise, I have double work ahead of me. Every time I swap YB and OB parts, means I have two 'rip-downs' and 'build-ups' to perform for each task.

      OB's metamorphous was almost immediate. YB has barely noticed OB's attention. Mostly new parts (NOS) have been used. Lots of YB's soul, and a lot of my sweat and knuckle skin have gone into OB's quick transformation.

Lil' Greenee' (green-e') is the most recent MG addition to the stable. She has her own web pages all to herself.


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