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                       Intial Mounting Dimensions Compared

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   Installing Miata Seats in a Spitfire

The Iinitial Trial Fit and Comparison         The Mechanical Mounting                       The Results


sm_mnt_dims.jpg (27430 bytes)
      First off, we have the Actual seat mounts/slides. These are the 'oem' bolt pattern dimensions to bolt the seats to the floors of the cars as each seat was originally designed.


Front mount foot and look at their adjustability, vs
the Spitfire's seven or so positions.

sm_rearmount.jpg (11437 bytes)
Although this 'fattened' rear mount foot is usually at an angle,
these seats were already bent flat, parallel to the runners.
This foot will be trimmed/removed for reasons shown later.


         The front mount foot is way too big. The pin sticking up, actaully sticks down through the Miata floor so the factory assembly robots could install them accurately.  Rather than completely remove this pin, I think I'm just going to hacksaw it off and leave the base in place as a rivet. I also think this front foot will get 'hammered' flat. I'll drill or Dremel the the original hole enlarger, to meet the original floor mount holes.


sm_flr_clearance.jpg (17231 bytes)

    Referencing the photo above, the curvature of the rear most extent of the Spitfire drineline  tunnel and frame rails ( A in the photo) limits the centering of the seat. I'ts not the seat bottom, but the size and position of the rear seat mount slide foot. The rear foot on the seat will be trimmed, to allow the seat to be moved back as much as two inches, and farther centered by as much as 1.5"


sm_mnt_dims_belts.jpg (8280 bytes)
Seat belt mount to seat clearance

       You can see here the seat can be easily moved 1.0" towards the center if the foot is trimmed down.  You can just see the foot where it makes contact with the tunnel. The 'A' dimension in this photo is the side to side clearance. We must move it over a bit because the door side hinge hits the trim molding when trying to slide the seat back.

sm_door_clearance.jpg (7843 bytes)
right side open door view of seat pivot


sm_mnt_dims_rear.jpg (19011 bytes)


    This last shot really shows the rear lower mounts (un-modified Miates seat) the 'A' clearance (same as last photo) and the clearance at 'C' and 'B', the door trim and seat hinge. This shot really show why the rear foot should be trimmed.


sm_mnt_dims_frnt.jpg (19738 bytes)


        The front mount feet (passenger seat U.S. spec) The slide adjust handle is nearer the center console. You can just see the edges of the original washers in the carpet for the original Spitfire seat under the edges of the Miata seat feet.



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