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Cherry's interior

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      The P.O. had put in the typical cheapo 'deluxe' carpet set. (not the O.E.M. molded/shaped Deluxe, but the cut and sewn 'deluxe' type typical of VB or Moss.) The foam backing must have held a lot of moisture. Foolishly they glued the foam to the metal.

early re-hab work

rs_flloor1.jpg (4443 bytes)
stripping out the old carpet with foam remnants
rs_floorsafter.jpg (4379 bytes)
after cleaning, glassing and
re-painting the floors
rs_carpet_stripping.jpg (4018 bytes)
carpet back in and applying all
new furflex on the doors

The driver's side seat floor had only light surface rust. The passenger side floor areas, both foot and seat wells, were nearly spotless. The driver's side foot well was another story. Two rust hole large enough to drop a golf ball through.

       They weren't bad enough to warrant complete replacement of the floor though. They were repaired with light weight steel patch panels cut and bent  to fit the effected areas. After grinding out/cutting out the rusted areas, the panels were two-part epoxy welded in place from underneath, and before the epoxy could setup, pop-riveted in. Then the entire floor area got a single layer of fiberglass cloth and resin treatment and fresh paint.

     Before the new carpet went back in, an ABS plastic transmission tunnel was installed to replace the tattered stock cardboard tunnel. The freshly cleaned carpet went back in, with a new layer of custom cutup dense foam underlayment. All new Furflex door trim/seals along with new door draft seals were installed.

the results

rs_intleft.JPG (15934 bytes)

rs_intright.JPG (18109 bytes)

     The original seat cover material (black vinyl) has a few split seams, but are otherwise in very reasonable shape.  An in-expensive set of fake sheep skin seat covers went in. They do a good job of keeping you cool, and don't look bad at all. The radio console along with the knee rails of both glove boxes were re-covered. The passenger side got a completely new glove box.

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