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Meeting my GT6+ for the first time

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new as of 5/30/00  
     Early Saturday morning (5/29/00) I had driven all the way up to New Castle Delaware to test drive a 1970 MG Midget I was high bidder on, on EBay, fully expecting to add another Spridget to the fold. I was going to build a second Midget for my lady friend.
    'Lazy daying it' at home that Saturday afternoon, I get a frantic call from a guy I talked to about three months ago, concerning a GT6+. I had decided against the GT6 due to the distance and no availability of photos and such. I felt it was just to far to go to be disappointed again.
      Well it turns out he really needed to move the car. NOW!  So he offered me one of those once in a lifetime deals you always hear about everyone else but you getting.

"I'll make ya' a deal....two days only!
... $____ , but you've got to get it out of my driveway THIS WEEKEND!"

WOAH!   :-)     :-D 
Finally! The right place at the right time!

      By Saturday evening (5/29/00) I already had hotel reservations in Hampton, VA., a u-haul reserved, and had my girl friends agreement to head down to Virginia Beach from Baltimore in the morning (5/30/00). By Sunday afternoon (5/30/00) at 1:30pm, we had driven the 250 miles, test driven the car, and had the title in hand to a 1970 Triumph GT6+.

      The P.O. has already restored (professionally... big$$) the entire drive line including a NEW head. Apparently, (going by engine serial number = KC105HE ) this is a very early MKIII high compression engine. Being built in July 1970, a few early MKIII engine must have made it onto the assembly line a month or two early (supply chain stuff)

The tranny is nice and smooth and absolutely no noise from the rear end. All of the suspension members including bushings have been rebuilt. New metal brake lines and all other brake parts are new and or have been fully reconditioned. The wire wheels were professionally stripped and powder coated and are in excellent shape along with the two eared knock-off spinners.

    The tub (in my view anyway...) is shot. The P.O.'s personal attempts at body work and bondo just won't cut it. So with a complete great condition frame and drive line, it looks like I have a Spit-6 / CGT6 project being crammed down my throat, like it or not.

   Yep, it got dollied the 250 miles home as no car transports were available anywhere in the area on such short notice.  YES! I did disconnect the driveshaft to tow it!

    TRhe majority of the pictures here are at the P.O.s house the day I went to pick her up.

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   I took the GT6+ for a ride around the block (4 mile test loop) to compare the feel of the roto-flex drive, to that of the swing axle. I can't say I really noticed that much of a difference, then again, I wasn't really throwing it around or pushing her that hard. The engine is now running much better since I cleaned up the carbs a bit and properly balanced them a little better. A few radiator hoses, vacuum lines, and I'd feel comfortable driving her as is.

... anyway,... I still can't decide which I like better, the swing axle or the rotoflex.

Now my problem is, I feel she's in just too good a shape to chop up for the Spit6 project.

Do I gut her,... or keep her alive as a reasonably good condition GT6+?

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