If you purchased seat apohstry kits, and didn't get an instruction sheet with them, SEND THEM BACK or get a manufacturer's instruction sheet. The spitfire seats are not complicated, but you'll miss an important assembly point, and you'll never figure out what 'the flap' is for, and why your cover doesn't sit right against the back cushion.

    Well on my 1975 Spitfire, I broke down and spent the money for new foams and covers. The entire interior is being redone in the color 'Biscuit'.

    I took a bunch of photos so I'd know how they were put together after I had ripped them up. The frames got a coat of paint after a good wire wheeling. The slides were sanded as well, and painted silver.

    To repair the very tired straps that make up the back, I supplemented, shortened stock straps, with heavy rubber bungy cords.

    I shortened some of the original straps to tighten them up in attempts to give the seat back a bit more support. I ended up stuffing an extra dense piece of foam up the middle of the drivers seat to give it a nice solid back support.

    When it comes to gluing the foam to the back frame, I used Permatex Heavy Duty Weatherstrip Adhesive. ('yellow gorilla snot') The yellow bead on the seat frame is visible in the photo with all the wood blocks sitting on the foam to press it in as it dries.  I also used 3M spray on Adhesive to get the canvas to stick to the foam on it's bottom side. I also ran a bead of GS along each support band to glue the foam to it.

    When gluing down the center seat section, pretest positioning, with the entire seat cover turned inside out. This will give you clean edges to work with while squaring it up with the center of the seat foam. Hold half the square fold it over while holding the other half of the triangle and apply your glue. When setup, place the lifted side of the triangle down in place. Now you can fold up the remaining triangle of the seat bottom center and glue it without having lost any positioning.DON'T APPLY GLUE TO THE SIDE BOLSTERS OR FRONT SECTIONS OF SEAT FOAM. GLUE THE CENTER ONLY!

    ... MORE TO COME...




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