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The Skinner Union
Carburator....    De-mystified
Tuning vs
Adjusting SUs
Twin HS4's vs
single ZS CD150
The Fuel
Flow Path

Photo Gallery of end user installations

   .....a project in process. data is in complete and constantly being updated.......

       The following images (will  soon ALL hopefully) contain links, and information as to the jet settings being used and the engine modifications each setup is configured for. So check back regularly. This page is updated regularly as these individuals supply me with info.
       The photos are web links where applicable. E-mail links  are included where available. There are a few site links for more user info at the bottom of the page.

This page is brand new as of 7/15/00. 
last updated 05/29/2009

            An interesting aspect to keep in mind when viewing these configurations is to note the ancillary hardware such as breather hose routings, header configurations (IE: LCB, 4 into 1, 4-2-1 etc), ram pipe lengths, filters/no filters, etc. etc.

Paul Tegler
Spec: 1975  Twin HS4's
dcoedualsnick.jpg (30517 bytes)

totally stock engine.
Needle ABT
Piston Spring 8457
Main Jet -
Emulsion Tube -
Jari Tabell's  Race engine
Spec : 1961 MK 1 1147cc Twin xx
dcoe_jt.jpg (15135 bytes)
8-port cylinder head,
gas flowed, double valve
springs etc.
Modified Camshaft
Choke ?
Aux. Venturi ?
Main Jet ?
Emulsion Tube ?
Jari Tabell's  Race engine
Spec : 1961 MK 1 1147cc 
Jari_42dcoe.jpg (10240 bytes)
gas-flowed head head,
10.5:1 compression
302° camshaft
lightened and balanced
Choke ?
Aux. Venturi ?
Main Jet ?
Emulsion Tube ?


         Well there are a lot of variables to contend with in trying to setup one of these monsters. But once, done, well worth it! Another site that has attempted to come up with some sort of user listing is a club 'down under' in Australia. their 'user's list' can be referenced for 948cc, 1098, and 1275 A-Series engines. (will open in a new window so you won't lose you place here)

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