ContiSportContact BSW 175/70R13
ContiContact BSW 175/70R13
ContiContact/Metric BSW 145R13
BSW 155R13
BSW 165R13
BSW 165/70R13
BSW 175/70R13
BSW 175/70R13

Note that some entries have a dash (no information supplied by the manufacturer). Items with a question mark (?), I question the validity of the information, but it is exactly as it appears on the manufacturer's web page/literature. This is not every tire manufactured, but is a good source to compare some of the differences in the models carried by major brands.
I suggest that you confirm that your rims fall within the approved size, as well as measured clearance for the overall diameter of the tire. Spring sag and the upward travel of your car's shocks, may preclude use of certain sized tires on your vehicle.

Last Updated on 2/27/00
By Terry L. Thompson