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   Punkin's Restoration - 1978 Spitfire
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1978 Spitfire FM76948U

 Punkin's repair/rebuild history
          and re-habilitation
... while in my custody.
This is a running list of the items on Punkin' that have been overhauled, cleaned, repaired or replaced  to re-hab her since 8/13/99.    < New > = brand new (NOS) 
    A few of the items have links to descriptions of little tricks I found in ways to perform some of these tasks. Some are links to sites with info on that task or hardware.  
Front Suspension
bulletInner and Outer Wheel Bearings and Seals  < New >
bulletStripped, cleaned and repainted all front suspension members
bulletFront end alignment

 Rear Suspension

bulletLeaf  Spring  < New >
bulletNewer (quieter) 3.89:1 rear differential installed
bulletDifferential rubber mounts installed < New >
bulletBrake drums cleaned, turned (lathed), and re-painted
bulletHalf shafts sanded, cleaned and re-painted


bulletStripped and cleaned all of the gauges
bulletStriped, cleaned, repaired all the switch contacts on the steering column
bulletTriumph Logo Rubber floor mats x 2  < New >
bulletStainless steel threshold logo plates < New >
bulletStripped cleaned and rebuilt the inertia Reel Retractable Shoulder/lap  Seat Belts
bulletABS transmission tunnel cover < New >

 Engine Compartment

***** update******* 12/99
  sitting in the wings is a very good condition Overdrive transmission
waiting to go in. But that will have to wait until the Midget is done.

bulletReplaced 60mm ram pipes on the DCOE 45 with 26 mm pipes < New >
bulletK&N air filter with logo plate
bulletIntake manifold polished
bulletClutch master cylinder rebuild
bulletSlave cylinder replaced < New >
bulletwater pump and pulley < New >
bulletwater pump gasket < New >
bullet180° thermostat and gasket < New >
bulletRadiator air deflector panels < New >
bulletInstalled re-cored full width radiator (21" width)
bullet12" Electric radiator fan with thermostat control< New >
bulletthrottle cable < New >
bullettransmission mounted backup light switch < New >
bulletMallory Yellow Sports Coil - 40,000 volt < New >
bulletValve cover to air filter breather < New >
bulletHeavy duty 8mm spark plug wires,  < New >
bulletCustom built engine side valance panels < New >
bulletFan belt < New >
bulletQuarter valance seals < New >
bulletBonnet to ledge seal < New >
bulletEngine Bay surface cleanup and re-paint
bulletWiring Harness cleaned up and re-wrapped
bulletValve clearances adjusted
bulletExhaust front pipe, two piece < New >
bulletMonza twin tip Chrome exhaust tip < New >
bulletCherry bomb muffler < New >
bulletStock muffler (now on the shelf) < New >
bulletPolished stock muffler exhaust tip

Body and exterior

bulletFront bumper overriders (hard plastic style, vintage '72)
bulletBonnet rubber locating cones < New >
bulletMatching rear view mirrors both sides < New >
bulletFog lights installed < New >
bulletRagtop to windshield seal < New >
bulletFurflex main door seals both doors < New >
bulletInstalled all new tonneau cover snaps on door edges < New >
bulletA-post door seals < New >
bulletWindshield molding top plugs < New >
bulletDoor window outer waist seals both doors< New >
bulletDoor window inner fuzzy seals both doors< New >
bulletTrunk lock with key hole cover < New >
bulletTrunk lid seal < New >
bulletWaxoyl treatment - all crevices and seems
bulletStripped, sanded and repainted the underside of the trunk (above exhaust system)
bulletFront wheel arch cleanup and undercoating
bulletRear wheel arch cleanup and undercoating
bulletStripped and repainted road wheels silver
bulletRoad wheel chrome trim rings < New >

all work completed January 2000


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last edited 3/11/2000
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