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   Goblin  - 78 Spit6   

                       Interior Clean-up & Rebuild

   Goblin's Restoration - 1978 Spit6
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  Again, I guess I lucked out as the floors here were in great shape!  You can see just a couple of spots of surface rust here and there. The metal is all solid. Heck, I didn't even pull all the carpet out (glued down stuff on the inner rockers and a-posts) 

   New door seal furflex trim  will go in when I put everything back together.   The wiring harness here is in good shape as well. Still flexible with no smashes or cuts anywhere.

   A wire wheel in my drill, some spray 'Extend' and a little black Rustoleum is all it took to fix up the floors and re-protect them.

   The original cardboard tunnel was a Spitfire unit. I guess the p.o. had simply cut a hole in the side of the stock Spit tunnel to clear the GT6 starter and added some insulation to cover it.




    I installed a new heavy weight ABS tunnel after a complete clean up of the tranny and shifter extension rebuild (new pivot kit)

   This is the heavy weight version of these tunnels. One you can end up with can be bent along the lip edge between three fingers. This one is the heavier type... roughly 8-10 mils thick.  

    I use the heavy foil back felt as insulation on the bottom side. That and standard metal foil heater duct tape works great.   It's easy to form fit the felt, with the foil side towards the tranny. I use lots of contact cement. Then tape the edges to edge of the tunnel after gluing on a new rubber edge seal.

   A new rubber shift lever boot was installed as well.  When I install tunnels, I like to seal up the whole thing with the metal foil tape. I like to makes sure no fumes can possibly enter  the passenger compartment. So once screwed down I run tape along the edge to the floors to seal it.

    This car's name almost changed to '8-Ball'.  That's how proud I am of this shifter knob.

   The 8-ball shift lever was already in this car when I bought it. The p.o. was using a dashboard mounted toggle switch.  Since this is a j-type o/d, the switch controls the overdrive directly. So a shift know mounted switch is always the way to go.  I ground off the side of the ball, and installed the switch where your fingers and thumb wrap around the ball. So it's very easy to flip the switch with your thumb. I left the o/d idiot light on the dash the p.o. had installed. You can see the yellow indicator, right above the headlight switch on the dash.


  The Moto-Lita wheel has since been replaced with a decent later model oem foamed spoke wheel from a '79 model. The seat at some past date, had the center cloth sections re-upholstered with vinyl. The foams are in good enough shape to leave as is for now.  The doors got all new window seals. The dash top is un-cracked so I left it alone. The wierd homemade wood door on the passenger parcel shelf has since been removed.


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