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   The Bastard Child - A Spit6

          An alternative exhaust system

   The Bastard Child - a '76 spit based Spit6  Tasks and Procedures

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    This car was purchased with no exhaust system on board. So I purchased a stainless steel downpipe, and center section pipe that had the resonator in it.

(image whited out to highlight the exhaust.. (it was a very dark picture)

     The Cherry Bomb brand muffler on my GT6 engine stand sounded great, so I figured the center resonator and it's use here would sound just fine. Plus it was a heck of a lot cheaper than a few stainless rear box (about $22.00 at Pep Boys vs $269.00 for the stainless box) I figure this way, the next owner can update the rear box if desired with minimal work involved.

    I dummied up a few 'curves' from tail pipe tips to attach this box to the stock style stainless center pipe. I did cheat and weld up two 'curves' to make up the final exit tip. It's a roarty sound, but subdued. Nice pleasant tone  on the 2 liter 6 cylinder engine.

($22.00 Cherry Bomb rear box. 1.75" inlet/outlets)

As you can see it fit nicely in line, even between the rear frame extensions of the Spit frame.


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