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Technical Items:


  Polishing SU Carburettors

compare1.jpg (4487 bytes)

     I got tired of trying to find a place to chrome plate my carburettors so they would look as good as some of the one's I've seen at shows. The problem was the cost, or finding a reputable company that would do it right, without plating the inside of the body as well.

        I've checked out (bought and returned),   the 'slip-over' chrome covers you can get from the catalogs, but in my opinion, they're crap. They don't fit right, and you can't get your oil dashpot to screw back down or seal up correctly.

     Well finally,.... I simply polished them myself and look how they turned out. The photo above is of one completed and one still original as recieved new in the box. (dis-assembled from the rest of the carb of course)
       I did nothing more than buff polish the one on the left using 'white rouge', which is just a little more abrasive than the standard 'red rouge' most people might be familiar with. The buffing wheel and white rouge were purchased locally at  'Home Depot' (large chain hardware store on the East Coast of the US) for about $12 USD.
      You can see the type of buffing wheel I used, laying on the table behind the shined up unit near the top of the photo. This was chucked into my hand held drill, and the drill c-clamped to the table like a bench grinder.  
      The real trick to polishing is in the technique, not the muscle. A light pressure is all that is required. The rouge and the wheel do all the work. This carb body only took around 10 minutes to buff up to this type of shine.  I have found Caswell Plating's web site*   a good source of info for plating kits and polishing techniques. ( *no affiliations implied)

   you can check out the polish job on my Midget carbs and manifold
as well and one of my Spitfires


shinyengine.jpg (44462 bytes)
polished carb bowls and valve cover
      Since the carbs turned out so well, I  went ahead and polished my cast aluminum valve cover.

     (Do I sound like I'm proud of myself.... You bet'cha man.) I saved a bundle and the compliments are plentiful.

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