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Technical Items:


OB's interior Gut and Rebuild

     As purchased, OB's interior was black. It looked like all the head rails and panels had been recovered and re-installed. When I gutted OB the interior metal colors showed through. The floor was in much better shape than I thought it would be. All the original rubber carpeting was still on the floors. The PO had simply added after market carpet right over top everything.

obint1.jpg (30584 bytes)
passenger door floor

obint2.jpg (21764 bytes)
viewed through passenger door

     The PO actually cut through the side panel metal work just to mount speakers. In the photo at left, notice the vertical cut through the metal band that connects the rear wheel arch to the B post (door frame). The metal was bent back to clear the magnet on a cheesy little 5" speaker. If he'd have just mounted it higher, a 5"x7" would have fit just fine, without cutting up the metal.
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       You can see the door panels (Autumn Leaf) from YB have already been mounted on OB. (For the sake of web space full Autumn Leaf photos can be seen on YB's description page. Notice in these photos, the window crank handles are still here. The electric windows hadn't been installed yet.

obint4.jpg (32006 bytes)
view through rear hatch

obint6.jpg (26229 bytes)
view through passenger door

     The interior of OB's doors were spotless. I promptly Waxoyled the interior seems of the doors, prior to installing the electric windows, alarm , power door locks and Keyless entry system.
        The many layers of carpet made for great sound deadening. It was the original sound deadening pads on metal then the original rubber carpet (still snapped in place) , then a layer of rubber backed small looped indoor/outdoor Berber carpet (nice trim job Bob), then another layer of original style rubber carpeting, then a layer of Pep Boys/Western Auto style universal black fuzz carpet. All in all it was about 3/4" thick.

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ob_int6.jpg (37551 bytes)
OB viewed through rear hatch
(in process of gutting OB's interior)

yb_int1.JPG (35738 bytes)
YB viewed through rear hatch
(YB already striped of its Autumn Leaf interior and all of OB's black interior piled in the back)

       I sprayed Extend (a corrosion inhibitor and sealer) all over the place, I put back the original carpeting layers all except the final black fuzz. All of the Autumn Leaf interior from YB was transplanted here to OB. Right down to the vinyl trim under the rear quarter windows. OB now has YB's entire Autumn Leaf Deluxe carpet, with all of OB's original sound deadening layers under it. Yes, Autumn Leaf was used in the GTs up until October of 1972. Since OB was built in August of '72, Autumn leaf is correct for this model year GT.  The finished product is impressive. (photo)

     The dash needed something. Something to make it stand out. Yeah, I'm not proud of what I paid, but I have to admit I get a lot of complements on the Burlwood dash and center console. The leather covered shift knob has a great hook shape that fits the bend of your fingers perfectly during shifting. Hey, I like it alright! Plus, this knob was easy to machine to fit an electric switch in for the overdrive transmission.

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