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OBie TEGLERIZERSwildorangeBGT1.jpg (3417 bytes)
my present, year round
daily driver 1973 MG B-GT

getty2.jpg (25268 bytes)
Obie's first major road trip. What a beautiful (long) country drive. This photo
was taken in Gettysburg PA. You can see the mini-lites that came from YB.
The lower front valence hadn't been swapped yet

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Obierallye.jpg (20890 bytes)
This was the first real 'time trials' style road rallye with a local Baltimore club in
1999. The shot shows the lower valence, fog lights, and light covers rather well.

       The engine compartment was a mess. Everything painted black. Air pump frozen solid. Evap. canister vacuum valve broken, fuse cover missing, broken mount flange on oil cooler (bailing wired in place.) But He ran really strong! Idled smooth as silk.

      The engine compartment will undergo a transformation as well. OB didn't have O/D like YB. His heart isn't as strong as YB's either. Hence, a transplant of organs will ensue this winter.

     The interior rip-up really took me by surprise. The condition of the metal under all the original rubber mating was exciting. At least I knew this was the original color. Even the original padding was still glued down un-disturbed after 26 years. Very minor rust anywhere.

    The electric windows, power door locks, and Keyless Entry Custom Alarm system all have a story of their own. Many of the systems that have been repaired or upgraded are listed here. Some with links to vendors or descriptions of the tasks.

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    Well OB ended up with YB's mini-lite rims and front lower valence panel.

This next pic is near the top of my list of favorites to date. The mural is painted on a brick wall on the side of a building in downtown Baltimore MD, across the street from the Walter's Art Gallery. The second shot you can see the building windows in the wall itself. My lady friend does a good job of hiding out in these pictures. She's in the car positioned just so, as to not notice the car is occupied.   :-)  The title of the mural is "My Sisters Garden". You can see the plaque in the second photo.

car_art1.jpg (27125 bytes)
across the street from the Walters Art Gallery in downtown Baltimore
car_art2.jpg (44632 bytes)

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