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   Emissions and Crankcase Ventilation 
         A study and a fix.. for a Triumph GT6

   Emissions and Cranckcase Ventilation Issues

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   Engine vacuum appear to be WAY too much power, and not enough volume to consume the extra blow-by these engines will generate.  According to that PDF I told you to read, the 6 cylinder Triumph engine should be blowing about 2-3 cfm at idle as combustion blow-by That's about what I'm measuring which isn't bad. But aall bottled up, it's enough to push oil out the seams.

  So I pulled out an old trick I learned eons back.  And wouldn't you know it...the kits are still available!   Exhaust scavenging of the cranckcase to maintain a slight vacuum.   It turns out, Mr. Gasket and Moroso, both make off-the-shelf kits for this.

moroso wideband evac.jpg (13576 bytes)
Stock photo of the Moroso scavenging kit

   This pictured Moroso kit is designed for a V8 engine. Hence two of everything in the kit. 
     You weld the pipe into your exhaust downpipe. The one-way valve (large bore PVC valve)  is screwed onto that. The valve stops the exhaust from possibly 'blowing' into the crank.

    evcvalveinstall1.jpg (25153 bytes)
The pipe is mounted at a 45 degree angle to the exhaust flow path for max suction effects. For my GT6 a slight tilt to 1 o'clock positions it to easily clear the motor side and frame rail. I marked a relative 'hole' location before I removed the downpipe from the car.


headpipeupper1.jpg (10168 bytes)
The wires hanging out just above the breather port, are to the 5 wire, wide-band oxygen sensor.

fullheadpipe1.jpg (10415 bytes)  

   The location of the tap was easily clears the starter and the 5/8" hose will easily clear the O2 sensor. After welding up everything, I sprayed the front of the pipe with a bit of high temperasture (1500 degree) silver paint.  I figure the silver paint burn-off, will limit the rate of rust on my welds.

(Note: the wbO2 sensor has been in the pipe for a couple of months now)

   evcvalve1.jpg (27698 bytes)

  Here you can see the valve under the edge of the starter, and behind the wide-band oxygen sensor. The hose connection is about 2" below the bottom of the starter with no clearance issues. I ran my hose right up behind the rear carb and tie-wrapped it to the lower rear heater hose. This will keep the lower end of the hose loop away from the heat of the exhaust pipe.

   Now the kit is for a V8, so there were two of everything for the breather kit. So what did I do with the extra parts?   That's version four, and the system I'll be running for now.


   Emissions and Cranckcase Ventilation Issues

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