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Whitey Gets it's 6 cylinder!

   Whitey - A 1975 Spitfire 6 Cylinder and Fuel Injected Conversion

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    Thus start's Whitey's re-construction. This is a project nearly 5+ years in  the making.  Whitey was purchased in 2000, specifically to build a Spit6.  Four other projects have come and gone, and Whitey still sits un-modified...until now!   

    After all the work on the fuel injection manifold, I decided to finally stepped up and started modifying Whitey, rather than put it all in Big Red.  The plans are to stuff this 6 cyl, in Whitey, WITH NO bonnet bulge needed.  Can it be done? Ohhh yes!



    Above, is a standard Triumph 6 cylinder being test fitted in Whitey. This is the normal position it's mounted in, even in a stock GT6. (Notice the line up of the square motor mount flange and bolt holes on the side of the block vs. the front edge of the shock towers.)

....but nnnNNNooooo.... I have to be different!  Having put quite a full miles on Big Red, I truly know the difference in the handling with that extra 2 cylinders hanging up and over and forward of the steering rack.  This installation has the engine moved back 6" and lowered 2", putting it actually below the stock Spitfire 4 cylinder engine position.  I actually used a slightly modified (mount ears) Spitfire front engine plate on this GT6 engine. Besides the handling characteristics this engine position affords, I don't need to hunt down a GT6 bonnet with that bulge in the middle. Can you say 'sleeper?!!    (no visual clue as to what's under the hood) 

    After bolting up the front mounts, I laid the bonnet in place. The above photo was taken by sticking my arm up from underneath and just snapping pics... hoping I got a clear shot of the space/clearance from engine top to bonnet skin. The numbers above say it all.   


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