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   Big Red - my 73 MKIII GT6
             Perhaps Triumph's most poorly documented model ever!

   Big Red - 1973 GT6 MKIII Specific Tasks and Procedures

  Exterior     New Sheet Metal     The Paint     That 'Show' paint     Third Brake Light 


 Carb rebuild   Battery shelf    Lucas/Delco Alternator Swap    Crankcase Ventilation    
Ballast bypass Pertronix ZS/HS4/HS6 carb comparison  Hidden Oddity #17 
Transmission  Building a D type O/D harness    3 rail rebuild    Clutch     Trooper Starter     Pressure Relief Valve  










This isn't the first GT6 I've owned. But during this vehicle's... resurrection, I've learned first hand... documentation was not a detail British Leyland was concerned with. Simply put, there is a total lack of... 
correct and proper documentation, covering the configuration of much of this post KF20001 series GT6 model.

   The post KF20001 models went back to the swing axles, of the Spitfire. Most probably, availability of units still in production, and lack of manufacturing funds.  But they did so with a twist.  The rear brakes were replaced with larger rear self-adjusting brake drums, and power assisted front brakes, (later TR6 front calipers).

Plain and simple, thousands were built, with little or no documentation details. Wiring harness layouts, match closer to a 1975 Spitfire than the '73 GT6 harness drawing in the Bentley manuals.  As too, many other 'sub-systems' had variation that simply aren't documented. Part numbers are available but the adjustments, and service instructions of some of these systems are non-existent.

So describes some of the fun I've had... preparing Big Red to take over the duties as my year round daily driver in 2003.


Big Red ...photo 5/2003 - resto 99% complete 4/2003  (...are we really ever done?) 

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