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    a Triumph Spitfire
                                           and/or a GT6

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An introduction to these pages

(this new project's documentation started 3/2002 (I'll try to catch up here)
Some of these pages may be a bit dis-jointed for awhile, until I get all the
pieces and project sub-sections organized. So please bear with me.

tb_downthethroats.jpg (16096 bytes)
(dual DCOE style throttle bodies with fuel rail)

   Ok, ok...so why would anyone want to fuel inject a Spitfire? Simple... I love to tinker. What better way to learn than...hands on. There are plenty of examples of 6's with the old Lucas mechanical injection (TR5, TR6, etc) but very few setups with electronic systems for the 6's, and virtually none designed for the Triumph 4 bangers.

   These pages will document my trials and tribulations as I prepare my  Spitfire, for yet another carburation setup. I've run (at one time or another) a single Stromberg, a single DCOE 45, dual DCOE 40's, and dual SU HS4s. I've came REAL close to doing the quad Keihins , but then thought... why not Fuel injection! So here I am.

   Whitey, my current 1975 Spitfire will be the testbed here. Whitey's engine state, while not perfect, is well known. A recent minor rebuild (by me) saw new bearings, new 9:1flattop pistons, custom cut 0.010" rings, a new high volume oil pump and a few other goodies installed.

    After studying the various sub-systems required for such an undertaking, I realized all of it is well within the D-I-Y shade tree mechanic's capabilities. There are PLENTY of aftermarket components on the market today that make it easy to fit F.I. to nearly anything from a chainsaw engine to massive turbo-diesel dump trucks!

    Yes, A LOT.... of research needs to be done, and massive amounts of reading material needs to be absorbed before you make a decision to try this. The variety of configurations and components useable is mind-boggling.  So...as with most of the rest of this site, I'll try and present here, (in some sort of ordered chaos), the variations in the hardware and software systems available to use, possibly some of the pros and cons of each, and the final installation and testing documentation of my own setup.


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