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   Thirteen - my 67 Spitfire MKIII

             The Body work begins - the bonnet rehab...

   Thirteen - 1967 Spitfire MKIII Specific Tasks and Procedures

  Interior    The floors     Interior Panels   Dashtop       Dash  Veneer    New Seat Covers
  Exterior     Body and paint work    The Bonnet     Ragtop Installation    Wire Wheel trunk mount  
 Engine   Carb rebuild   Battery shelf               
  Suspension    Front Suspension Rebuild     Stud anomalies   Rear Axles      


   Cleaning up the old and cracking paintwork on the bonnet started while on the car. The underside was so covered in 35+ years of oil and grime I decided to remove it so I could turn it over and scrub it well. I took it outside in the grass and scrubbed the heck out of it with Simple Green and a scrub brush. A 1/2 gal of Simple Green latter, and I was finally happy. Then came the sanding. Man...I should invest in a sandpaper company!

   I went ahead and removed the lower front valence panel and windshield frame. I figured I'd treat these all as one separate project. I needed a new windshield seal anyway (all dry rotted) and I needed to strip all the cheap black paint off both sides of the valence panel.

    After a full sanding, both sides got coats of primer. The red primer was nearly completely sanded off before the sealer was applied. The gray here is a coat of primer sealer.  

   The inside of the bonnet got a complete three coat paint job. Man oh man... getting an HVLP gravity spray gun into those nooks above the inner fender wells was a pain!
Now I see the advantage of a pressure fed, two hose spray gun! The top side in this photo. had received a single coat before being flipped over and set on blocks on the fender beads.  HHmm... can't do that on a squaretail bonnet.  :-)  

The top (outer) surface final 'white coat' will happen after it's back on the car.


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