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(all photos taken Sept 2000 / Jan2001)

   Whitey - 1975 Spitfire Specific Tasks and Procedures

Transmission    The vibration    second rebuild    Clutch    O/D    driveshaft 
Special Update Whitey finally gets it's 6 cylinder engine, Fuel injected at that!
Section #2 - Whitey's Spit6 conversion Process                     F.I home page

      Phase I    -  The initial cleanup

On the left, as purchased. On the right, after completion of the initial cleanup and painting work throughout the entire engine compartment.

engine_startontop.jpg (16056 bytes) engine_doneontop.jpg (16826 bytes)

As purchased... all rusty and messy. It's all in relatively
good shape, just dirty and old... probably all dry rotted.


      The end of phase I clean up. Fire wall painted and
    all plumbing hoses have been replaced.


engine_startdrvrside.jpg (16036 bytes) engine_donedrvrside.jpg (16302 bytes)

You can see all the paint is gone from brake
fluid leaks from the past. The wiring harness
is a mess. Lots of scrubbing needed here to
see what's needed.


With all the wires cleaned up and the brake
fluid damage cleaned up, sanded out and
repainted near the master cylinders up on
the fire wall.


engine_startpassside.jpg (16208 bytes)
With all the variations of vacuum and breather plumbing over the years, it's going to take me a bit to figure out what's what here.

engine_donepassside.jpg (14066 bytes)
Well.... all the plumbing is now leak free and the paint
has been cleaned up. The air filter and manifolds
were cleaned up and painted.


    Phase II -       Engine Paint and Dual HS4's   4/01

75whitey_redengine3.jpg (15089 bytes)
   With most of the ancillaries unmounted, the engine was painted in place with Ford Red Plasti-Kote 500° engine paint The distributor is still waiting for the rebuild to be completed, hence it's missing in this photo.
75whitey_redengine2.jpg (16893 bytes)
75whitey_redengine1.jpg (14448 bytes) 75whitey_redengine4.jpg (19176 bytes)
The valve cover was painted silver. The Aluminum valve cover hasn't been installed yet.     The stock side box mounted electronic ignition distributor with vacuum retard, was replaced with a rebuilt earlier model that now uses vacuum advance and has a Pertronix Ignitor electronic Ignition conversion in it.


     Phase III -         After new Flattop Pistons 12/01

75w_withrockergear2.jpg (20541 bytes)
A new coat of black paint, the head all torqued
down, and the rockers back on
75w_newpistonfull1.jpg (22709 bytes)


up and running


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