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     Whitey's repair/rebuild history       
              and re-habilitation
... while in my custody.  
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   Whitey - 1975 Spitfire Specific Tasks and Procedures

Transmission    The vibration    second rebuild    Clutch    O/D    driveshaft 
Special Update Whitey finally gets it's 6 cylinder engine, Fuel injected at that!
Section #2 - Whitey's Spit6 conversion Process                     F.I home page
This is a running list of the items on Whitey' that have been overhauled, cleaned, repaired or replaced  to re-hab her since 6/12/2000.    < New > = brand new (NOS) 
    A few of the items have links to descriptions of little tricks I found in ways to perform some of these tasks. Some are links to sites with info on that task or hardware.  
Front Suspension
bulletInner and Outer Wheel Bearings and Seals  < New >
bulletStripped, cleaned and repainted all front suspension members
bulletFront end alignment
bulletBrake pads < New >
bulletAlignment shims < New >
bulletMKIII lower front Springs < New >

 Rear Suspension

bulletBrake shoes  < New >
bulletReplaced one rear brake cylinder < New >
bulletaxle u-joints < New >
bulletinner and outer trunnion bearings and seals < New >
bulletBrake drums cleaned, and re-painted
bulletHalf shafts sanded, cleaned and re-painted


bulletStripped, sanded, primered and repainted all inner floor and wall surfaces
bulletStripped and cleaned all of the gauges
bulletInstalled a 1979 steering column, pod and steering wheel
bulletStriped, cleaned, repaired all the switch contacts on the steering column
bulletTriumph Logo Rubber floor mats x 2  < New >
bulletStainless steel threshold logo plates < New >
bulletStripped cleaned and rebuilt the inertia Reel Retractable Shoulder/lap  Seat Belts
bulletComplete New Biscuit Interior apholstry < New >
bulletComplete bottom and back seat foams < New >
bulletNew custom hand made door and back panels
bulletComplete Molded carpet set < New >
bulletInstalled homemade back panel, door panels, and recovered side boards< New >
bulletDriver's side parcel shelf < New >
bulletDashtop overlay < New > waiting to be installed
bulletDoor seal furflex seals < New >
bulletA-post glass seals < New >
bulletA-post draft seals < New >
bulletMiata Seat Installation < New >

 Engine Compartment

bulletZenith Stromberg carb replaced with Dual AUD665 HS4 carbs
bulletHeavy cast aluminum valve cover < New >(not   the catalog cheapy kind!)
bulletPolished HS4 carbs, intake manifold and valve cover
bulletChrome 6" round K&N air filter assemblies  < New >
bulletManual choke cable < New >
bulletCustom HS4 emissions plumbing designed to retain original ZS design.
bulletAll intake/exhaust manifold studs and brass nuts < New >
bulletBrake Master Cylinder replaced< New >
bulletClutch master cylinder rebuilt
bulletClutch slave cylinder replaced < New >
bulletwater pump and pulley < New >
bulletwater pump gasket < New >
bullet180° thermostat and gasket < New >
bulletRadiator air deflector panels painted< New >
bullet12" Electric radiator fan with thermostat control< New >
bulletthrottle cable < New >
bulletCustom re-curved Lucas Distributor with Pertronix Elec ign. module < New >
bulletStock style (green) Heavy duty 7mm spark plug wires,  < New >
bulletCustom built engine side valance panels < New >
bulletFan belt < New >
bulletQuarter valance seals < New >
bulletBonnet to ledge seal < New >
bulletEngine Bay surface cleanup and re-paint
bulletWiring Harness cleaned up and re-wrapped
bulletValve clearances adjusted
bulletBig bore tip Stock style muffler < New >
bullets.s.stock muffler exhaust tip machine polished
bulletOil Pressure Gauge /Temp Gauge < New >
bulletNewly Rebuilt O/D Transsmission Conversion < New >
bulletGM Alternator Conversion < New >
bulletTheromstatic Oil Cooler < New >
bullet9:1 Compression flattop Pistons < New >
bulletCustom cut Hastings 0.010" rings < New >
bulletStainless Steel Valves < New >
bulletEuro spec. 4-2-1 cast manifold w/ twin downpipes < New >
bulletfront engine mounts  < New >


bulletLaygear (cluster gear) < New >
bulletLaygear shaft < New >
bulletreverse idler gear < New >
bullet1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th gear synchros < New >
bulletO/D seals and bearings < New >
bulletRear main seal  < New >
bulletAll case seals and gaskets < New >
bulletbronze Pilot bushing < New >
bullet'Real' Bork & Beck 3 pc Clutch assembly < New >
bulletrear mount bracket  < New >

Body and exterior

bulletSuper clean chrome front bumper < New >
bulletVery clean chrome rear bumper < New >
bulletBonnet rubber locating cones < New >
bulletRobbins Zipper rear window Convertible top < New >
bulletMatching rear view mirrors both sides < New >
bulletWindshield wiper arms to body chrome bushes < New >
bulletRagtop to windshield seal < New >
bulletFurflex main door seals both doors < New >
bulletInstalled all new tonneau cover snaps on door edges < New >
bulletA-post to door window seals < New >
bulletA-post draft seals < New >
bulletWindshield molding top plugs < New >
bulletWindshield rubber seal < New >
bulletWindshield REAL Stainless Steel trim < New >
bulletDoor window outer waist seals both doors< New >
bulletDoor window inner fuzzy seals both doors< New >
bulletTrunk lock with key hole cover < New >
bulletTrunk lid seal < New >
bulletWaxoyl treatment - all crevices and seems
bulletComplete exterior repaint        still in process
bulletPanasport FS Series 13" x 5.5" Rims with Toyo 175/70 13's < New >
bulletMatching Panasports lug nuts < New >
bulletBolt on hardtop- headliner cleanup
bulletBolt on hardtop- painted
bulletBolt on hardtop- rebuilt all seals


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