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   73 MKIII GT6 Big Red 
         The battery shelf

   Big Red - 1973 GT6 MKIII Specific Tasks and Procedures

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    Just like everything else, this area REALLY needed to be rehab'ed. I found it much easier to simply strip it all down to clean it up. Pulling the electrical harness out is perhaps the most difficult part, trying to get it out from under the brake peddle box stiffener panels without damaging the connectors or jacketing. 30 year old wiring can be pretty stiff and a bit brittle, so be careful!

batteryshelf1.jpg (18338 bytes)


   After the initial mechanical strip down, the whole area was wire wheeled, then lightly sanded. Then like everything else, the surface got a coat of Permatex Extend to get any rust the sanding and wire wheel missed. The harness was pulled aside, and wrapped in plastic and tape to cover it from paint overspray.

batteryshelf2.jpg (17348 bytes)


    With the surrounding areas masked off, the shelf got a coat (or three) of primer sealer, and sanded between coats to smooth everything out. The battery box had been replaced by the P.O. So all it needed was a bit of grinding on the welds to clean them and smooth them out a bit.

batteryshelf3.jpg (18656 bytes)   Three coats of body paint, and it looks like new! Yes... the heater box had been pulled out from inside so the pipes weren't sticking through. So too with the windshield wiper drive rack.
batteryshelf5.jpg (20331 bytes)

    The hydraulics are back in as are the electrics. The O/D relay wiring was added into the main harness and the entire shelf section wiring harness was re-wrapped with new 'clean' proper, gray harness tape.


  batteryshelf6.jpg (21167 bytes)

    I was tired of scraping my arms on the threads sticking up from the stock battery tie-down bars so this time I used small aluminum turn-buckles. And of course, a battery cutoff switch. Cover for the battery terminals were also installed.  I was even able to find all the proper grommets for the all the firewall vias for cables and etc.

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