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   73 MKIII GT6 Big Red 
         The rest of the tan vinyl recover work

   Big Red - 1973 GT6 MKIII Specific Tasks and Procedures

  Exterior     New Sheet Metal     The Paint     That 'Show' paint     Third Brake Light 


 Carb rebuild   Battery shelf    Lucas/Delco Alternator Swap    Crankcase Ventilation    
Ballast bypass Pertronix ZS/HS4/HS6 carb comparison  Hidden Oddity #17 
Transmission  Building a D type O/D harness    3 rail rebuild    Clutch     Trooper Starter     Pressure Relief Valve  
    Well when doing the door panels, they almost ended up black for simplicity.  Who me?... Simple way out?  naahhh....

   So I ended up selecting a very nice mid tone Tan.  I simply recovered everything in Tan.

 nv_layedout.jpg (25336 bytes)


   2 1/2 yards (54" wide) was plenty to cover the entire interior. At $6.99 a yard, that's less than $17.50 (plus glue and staples) to have nearly any color you'd like!  I laid the pieces out to get an idea how to best use the material with minimum waste. Don't forget to spread stuff out far enough to have enough to wrap around the edges of all your pieces. (bottom to top) door panels and b-post covers, dash trim, console and knee pads, radio console and tunnel cover, rear panel, and rear side panels.
nv_dashrailclamps.jpg (9308 bytes)
   As you can imagine, the dash trim rails are the hardest. But a trick here, a couple of wood rulers and c-clamps made quick work of holding the vinyl until the glue dried.
nv_alldone.jpg (9710 bytes)


   This shot shows the color the best. It's not quite as yellow as Biscuit, and not quite as dark or brown as Beige is.
   I even re-stapled the black trim onto the rear side panels. This will give a little visual definition to the seam between the off-white head liner material and the rear side panels.

...next... the seats and carpet .. stay tuned...

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